Special Acu Points For Pain

“Xi Cleft” points are special act points used by acupuncturist for acute pain in the local area of an injury or ache.  If you have pain in an area of the body that comes and goes, or is sharp and nagging, theses areas might be a good area to do self massage, apply topical analgesics, or even a stick on herbal pain patch.

Why do acupuncturists use these specific points for acute pain and how are they located?

Xi-cleft points are where meridian qi and blood gather around and hence they are with abundant qi and blood and with strong function of regulating qi and blood.

Click on each Xi Cleft point to discover its location and more information about how you can use these points for your own bennefit.

Lung 6 Kongzui 

Large Intestine 7 Wenliu

Stomach 34 Lianquiu

Spleen 8 Diji

Heart 6 Yinxi

Small Intestine 6 Yanglao 

Urinary Bladder 63 Jinmen

Kidney 5 Shuiquan

Pericardium 4 Ximen

San Jiao 7 Huizong

Gall Bladder 36 Waiqiu

Liver 6 Zhongdu