Qoterie LLC is a consulting firm that helps PPE transactions from start to finish.


Qoterie has its own way of vetting buyers and sellers starting with one successful Minimum Order Quantity or “MOQ”

Once a Buyer or Seller of PPE has completed one MOQ through the system that Qoterie has created with its associates, the Buyer or Seller is now vetted at a basic level and will have access to some basic privileges of being in the “Q.”

Standard Operating Procedure

1) NDA

2) Escrow agreement signed

3) “Proof of Life” video with the days local newspaper and Buyer Name in the Video.

4) SPA that includes Logistics by TTI Transport Services INC Signed.

5) Escrow Account Funded

6) Purchase Order

7) Change of Title of goods to Buyers Name upon release of Escrow Funds to Seller.